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Holiday gift idea: The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness

Heads-up: the special promotion to buy The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness: How to Optimize Brain Health and Performance at Any Age (284 pages; April 2013) at a discount (up to 40% off, depending on country and format) expires next Sunday, December 29th. We hope you will enjoy reading the book and then joining the online book discussions in January! Click Here to learn more.



Brain training and brain teasers are part of Novelty, Variety, Challenge

brainsBrain fitness can include playing training games on computers (Los Angeles Times):

“…Today, the term “fitness” is as likely to encompass the body as it is the mind…Fernandez says that the key components of any brain-training program are novelty, variety and challenge — factors that Read the rest of this entry »

White House BRAIN Initiative should start with the end goal in mind

human-brainWhite House BRAIN Initiative is a nice start, but it’s too small and timid (Venture Beat): “…it’s unlikely to move the needle because, unlike previous national projects, it lacks adequate funding and actionable objectives that can capture the imagination of innovators and the public at large…Is there an alternative approach? Yes. Start with the societal goal in mind, and chart the most likely path to make a groundbreaking difference there…Although the BRAIN Initiative is often compared to the moon project, perhaps the better opportunity would be for it to draw inspiration from JFK’s fitness initiative. In announcing that program, President Kennedy said, “The strength of our democracy and our country is really no greater in the final analysis than the well-being of our citizens.” Read full article

Q&A about new brain fitness eCourse

We have received several good questions about the new eCourse How to Be Your Own Brain Fitness Coach, so here are some answers.

Q: How many hours may it take me to complete the course?

A: Around 10-12 hours total. The four lectures, combined, last 8 hours, and we recommend Read the rest of this entry »

Does Brain Fitness Require Medicalization? Insights @ 2012 SharpBrains Virtual Summit

In June of this year, SharpBrains hosted its third annual online “virtual summit” on our evolving understanding of how the human brain works, and how it can be made to work better. As readers of this blog know, SharpBrains is a US-based market research firm and think tank dedicated to studying the scientific, social, and business trends associated with brain health and performance. As always, the summit featured a range of contributions from scientists and business leaders whose common interest is in gathering, compiling and applying knowledge about the brain.

The foundational conviction of the summit organizers and attendees is that Read the rest of this entry »

Reminder: Brain Health Q&A Today

Reminder: Join Live Q&A with Dr. Paul Nussbaum by click­ing HERE, today Novem­ber 22nd at 11am Pacific Time/ 2pm East­ern Time. Chat about about a holis­tic approach to brain health with clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Paul Nuss­baum, author of Save Your Brain, recently named a Best Book on Brain Fitness by AARP. You can also learn more about the Brain Fit­ness Q&A Series.

Transcripts of previous Q&A Sessions:

Transcript: Alvaro Fernandez on Brain Health and Non-invasive Cognitive Enhancement

Below you can find the full tran­script of our engag­ing Q&A ses­sion yesterday on lifelong cognitive fitness, “mental capitalism”, and more,  with Alvaro Fernandez, co-author of The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness, moderated by Harry Moody, Director of Academic Affairs at AARP.

Read the rest of this entry »

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