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July 20th, Bilbao: 5 Ways for Food Policy to Learn from Applied Neuroscience


Quick heads-up: Alvaro Fernandez will speak tomorrow Wednesday, July 20th, at the Summer Academy in Global Food Law & Policy in Getxo, Basque Country, Spain.

Next in Human Resources: Seeing cognitive diversity as an asset to build on, not a problem to avoid

brains_neurodiversityNeurodiversity: The Benefits of Recruiting Employees with Cognitive Disabilities (Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge):

There’s a new frontier in diversity programs focused not on race or gender but on cognitive ability.

The growing interest in neurodiversity—hiring people with cognitive disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)—is motivated by companies looking to tap into Read the rest of this entry »

Question: Do “brain supplements” work?


Answer: Unless directed to address an identified deficiency, growing evidence shows that supplements do not seem to bring any sustained cognitive or brain benefits.

Keep reading 20 Must-Know Facts To Harness Neuroplasticity And Improve Brain Health over at The Creativity Post.

Question: Which is the only common leisure activity that has been associated with reduced cognitive function?

watching tv adult———-

Answer: Watching television.

Keep reading 20 Must-Know Facts To Harness Neuroplasticity And Improve Brain Health over at The Huffington Post.

Sport-specific brain training programs gain adoption in basketball, ice hockey and soccer

— Elite youth hockey players in MN camp. Image courtesy of Applied Cognitive Engineering

IntelliGym Trains The Brain Of An Athlete Like A Fighter Pilot (SportTechie):

“Fighter pilots and people playing team sports have more in common than you may have thought.

In fact, the cognitive functions players need on the soccer pitch, the ice rink and the basketball court are very similar to those fighter pilots use during aerial combat. Read the rest of this entry »

Merck and HAPPYneuron partner to include cognitive remediation program in Multiple Sclerosis e-Health Solution

MS_Mood-CognitionMerck KGaA In Deal With HAPPYneuron To Offer E-Health Solution For MS Patients (Nasdaq):

“German drug maker Merck KGaA (MKGAY.PK) announced Monday that it has entered into an agreement with HAPPYneuron, a subsidiary of SBT Group of France, in which Merck will receive an exclusive license to the company’s cognitive remediation training program for people living with multiple sclerosis Read the rest of this entry »

Study: Wisdom requires both higher heart rate variability and adopting a third-person perspective

wise reasoning——-

Many cultures consider the human heart to be the seat of wisdom. Now scientists are finding some evidence for this, though the reality may be more complicated than it seems.

Previous research has suggested that higher heart rate variability (HRV)—the variability in the time between our heartbeats Read the rest of this entry »

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