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Update: How to hold off Alzheimer’s Disease 8+ Years (even APOE4 carriers)


Time for Sharp­Brains’ June 2014 e-newsletter, featuring a wealth of insights, science reports, upcoming events, and fun brain teasers.

First of all, let us highlight what may well become the research finding of the year. As you can read in Mental stimulation over genetics: How to hold off Alzheimer’s Disease 8+ Years, “For APOE4 carriers with high lifetime intellectual enrichment, the onset of cognitive impairment was approximately 8.7 years later compared with low lifetime intellectual enrichment.”

Shouldn’t accumulating findings like this inform human capital and health policies across the whole lifespan, and also how all of us lead our lives, harnessing neuroplasticity the right way to maximize mental performance at any age and to delay decline and disease?

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