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The future of brainwave-enhanced media

neurofictionPer­ils and plea­sures of mood-sensing tech­nol­ogy (New Scientist):

What hap­pens when we link films and music to devices that cap­ture small changes in our emo­tions? …The tech­nol­ogy to tune your music to your run­ning rate has been around for a while, with devices such as the Nike+, and adap­tive playlis­ters like Songza can select music accord­ing to your mood – even let­ting you give a “thumbs down” to stuff that doesn’t match. There are also head­phones, made by Japan­ese com­pany Neu­rowear, that scan your brain­waves to select the music on your smart­phone that matches your frame of mind.…But tech­nol­ogy can go fur­ther than just mon­i­tor­ing and respond­ing to atten­tion lev­els. Biosen­sors such as heart rate mon­i­tors and EEGs to mea­sure brain­waves make it pos­si­ble to use emo­tive media such as film and music to actively affect an audience’s emotions…an e-book project called Neurofiction…has 48 dif­fer­ent nar­ra­tive paths, selected auto­mat­i­cally based on the results of an EEG brain­wave mon­i­tor attached to the com­puter on which the e-book is being read.”

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