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Calisthenics and Brain Games for a Child’s Mind

calisthenics-for-a-childs-mind_1Brain Games Aim to Make Kids Smarter (SciAm Mind, requires sub­scrip­tion):
“Sci­en­tists have con­cocted men­tal fit­ness reg­i­mens to strengthen weak think­ing skills in students—in effect, mak­ing kids smarter…Psychologists have long believed that think­ing capac­i­ties such as atten­tion, mem­ory and rea­son­ing were fixed, but evi­dence is mount­ing that they are not…A smat­ter­ing of brain-training work­outs has emerged from neu­ro­science and psy­chol­ogy lab­o­ra­to­ries, and sev­eral of the pro­grams are now being mar­keted and sold…In many cases, the brain work­outs are aimed at kids with learn­ing prob­lems, but some edu­ca­tors are offer­ing them to all chil­dren as part of reg­u­lar instruction.”

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