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The human resources frontier: enhancing wellness and productivity via better brain health

Employee-benefitsEmploy­ers turn­ing to ‘brain health’ tools to reduce stress, increase pro­duc­tiv­ity (
“Brain health is not just about dis­ease. It’s not just about depres­sion or anx­i­ety,” says Fernandez…Instead, this new phe­nom­e­non focuses on mak­ing sure employ­ees can adapt and thrive in their jobs, help­ing them make good deci­sions, and mak­ing them feel as pro­duc­tive as pos­si­ble, he says…For exam­ple, a stressed employee might make bad deci­sions. But if that employee is able to gauge his or her stress level and then mod­ify it to reach an opti­mal men­tal state, then he or she is likely to think cre­atively and make bet­ter deci­sions, he says. Brain health is being used as part of employ­ers’ over­all well­ness programs—in an effort to reach as many employ­ees as possible—but also solely in lead­er­ship devel­op­ment pro­grams at some com­pa­nies, Fer­nan­dez reports.”

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