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Brain Injury Care: Treatment and Reimbursement Challenges

Giffords May Get Better Brain-Injury Care Than Most of Her Constituents (ProPublica):

“Despite the need for more research, Giffords’ story shows the potential of the treatments now available. But according to Susan Connors, the president of the Brain Injury Association of America, what treatment you receive depends heavily on your state, insurance plan (or lack of one), hospital and the people advocating for you.”

Studies Show High Rates and Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury in Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans (Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation):

“The January topical issue of JHTR includes a study suggesting that British troops deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan have lower rates of mTBI than their American counterparts, and that psychological factors present before deployment to combat are a major contributor to lasting symptoms in military personnel with mTBI. Other studies report on the surprising relationship between mTBI and other traumatic injuries, the high burden of mTBI on family caregivers, and a promising approach to treatment.”

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