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Technology Innovation to Enhance Wellbeing: New Model eHealth Community

Front Porch Cen­ter for Tech­nol­ogy Inno­va­tion and Well­be­ing Receives Grant for the Model eHealth Com­mu­nity for Aging (press release):

- ” The Front Porch Cen­ter for Tech­nol­ogy Inno­va­tion and Well­be­ing (Front Porch Cen­ter), a 501©(3) founded on the belief that tech­nol­ogy inno­va­tion plays a vital role in enhanc­ing well­be­ing, was awarded eHealth equip­ment val­ued at approx­i­mately $207,000 through the Model eHealth Com­mu­ni­ties ini­tia­tive at UC Davis Health Sys­tem and the Cal­i­for­nia Tele­health Net­work (CTN), and received a $50,000 grant from United Health­Care for the Model eHealth Com­mu­nity for Aging (MeHCA) project.”

- “The MeHCA project will use broadband-enabled tech­nol­ogy to proac­tively sup­port health and well­ness needs and improve access to care for under­served and low-income older adults at afford­able hous­ing com­mu­ni­ties, com­mu­nity health clin­ics and other anchor insti­tu­tions in Los Ange­les’ Kore­atown neigh­bor­hood. The project will also lever­age broadband-enabled tech­nol­ogy — video con­fer­enc­ing, health kiosks with periph­er­als, Wi-Fi, a mobile com­puter lab, the Dakim Brain Fit­ness pro­gram, L.A. County Safety Net eCon­sult Pro­gram and elec­tronic health records (EHR) — to empower a com­mu­nity of providers to extend exist­ing busi­ness mod­els and ser­vices to cre­ate a coor­di­nated and com­pre­hen­sive ecosys­tem of health/wellness resources.”

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