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What better way to celebrate Valentines’ day than to accompany Marian Diamond on her search for love and wisdom in the brain? Dr. Diamond is Pro­fes­sor of Neu­ro­science and Anatomy at UC-Berkeley  and one of the world’s fore­most researchers on neu­ro­plas­tic­ity and enrich­ment. In the 60s, her  pioneer work demonstrated the impact of physical and intellectual stimulation on brain functions.

In this article she tells us why it matters to love our brains as well as where to look for love in the brain:

… if everyone understood what we know today about his or her body and worked to keep it fit, and everyone practiced the golden rule, how much we could all enjoy, study, and maintain our beautiful earth to its fullest extent.

But for all of this to come about, what is it that is responsible for understanding our bodies, practicing the golden rule and enjoying the beauties of this earth?  None other than our brains.

[… ] Most of the conscious components of human love appear to be associated with the frontal lobe of the cerebral hemispheres, the most highly evolved part of our brains.

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  1. Lauren @ MRS says:

    In any way we should always take good care of ourselves. Our brains are used for almost anything we do because it is connected to every part of our body.

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