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December Update: Wishing You and Yours a Very Brain-Fit Decade

How can we help younger generations find the right path to lifelong brain health and performance – especially as they will live longer, and in more dynamic, complex environments? We created the Brain Health across the Lifes­pan series to curate reliable sources of information, and here you can  check out  the Top 10 Resources to Better Understand the Teenage Brain.

Wishing you and your family a very brain-fit decade…please enjoy the December edition of our monthly eNewsletter:

Research Bites

Memory Training Reduces Brain Atrophy: Andreas Engvig, a former SharpBrains intern and current neuroscientist, gives us a unique peak into his lab’s work on how mem­ory train­ing can both improve memory performance and decrease brain matter reduction in older adults’ brains.

Cognitive Training can Boost Sense of Control: Rea­son­ing and speed of pro­cess­ing brain train­ing can improve­ the sense of control over one’s life — one of the most cru­cial mark­ers of suc­cess­ful aging.

Can Resistance Training Protect the Brain? Aerobic exercise is not the only type of exercise to benefit the brain: A strength training exercise program shows cognitive benefits one year after the training.

Literacy Re-wires the Brain: Learn­ing to read changes the brain regions involved in vision.

Resources and Tips

The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains: To help us all refine those Brain Fit­ness Res­o­lu­tions

10 Brain Tips To Teach and Learn: Explore ways to optimize  the learn­ing process.

Top 10 Brain Training Trends: Alvaro Fernandez shares with us the 10 main brain fitness trends fore­casted for the next 5 years.

Debunking 10 cognitive/ brain fitness myths: Do genes -or our age- determine our cognitive vitality? Should we just wait for a “magic pill” to solve all our brain challenges? Are all brain exer­cises equal? 10 Brain and Brain Fit­ness Myths, debunked.

New Books

Using Brain Plasticity to help Children with Learning Disabilities: This new book from Eaton Arrow­smith School’s founder and direc­tor Howard Eaton presents a new approach to help chil­dren with learn­ing dis­abil­i­ties over­come edu­ca­tional obsta­cles.

Council Insights

2011 SharpBrains Summit: 27 industry and research leaders have already confirmed speaking at the Summit. Latest additions include pioneers at AARPAAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, UC-Santa Barbara Neuroscience Research Institute, and United BioSource.

Brain Teasers

Test your Reaction Time: A fun way to assess your brain speed of processing, in milliseconds.

A Brain Game to Tease your Frontal Skills: Try this challenging teaser to stim­u­lat­e the executive func­tions of your frontal lobes: Decision-making, problem-solving, inhibit­ion and working memory.

Top Ten Brain Teasers and Games for Kids and Adults alike: Explore this selec­tion of the ten most pop­u­lar brain teasers among Sharp­Brains read­ers.

Looking forward to a great 2011. Have a great Holiday Season, and please don’t forget to engage via Facebook and Twitter!

– The SharpBrains Team

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