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Good morning, and Happy Father’s Day to those in the US and a good number of other countries (see Wikipedia entry).

Let me share today this collection of informative and free Resources on how to improve/ brain scanmaintain top brain health and performance:

Brain Fitness Newsletter: our twice-a-month newsletter, written by SharpBrains staff and over a dozen guest neuroscientists, health professionals and educators, provides an informed, engaging and comprehensive window into Cognitive Fitness and Brain Health news.

Glossary: key scientific concepts on Cognition and Brain Fitness.

Neuroscience Interview Series: During the last 18 months I have interviewed over 15 cutting-edge neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists on their research and thoughts.

Author Speaks Series: platform for leading scientists and experts writing high-quality brain-related books to reach a wide audience.

Free: Brain Fitness 101 e-Guide: a 40-page introduction to the concept, science and practice of brain fitness programs to sharpen our minds.

Free: 10 Myths Debunked Whitepaper: this 40-page whitepaper features 11 in-depth interviews with leading neuroscientists, psychologists and experts in the field of cognition, conducted by Alvaro Fernandez during the last 12 months.

Top Brains Books: fascinating books on neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to rewire itself through experience) and related topics.

Articles and Papers: collection of selected media articles and scientific studies.

Directory of Web Sites: some excellent resources aimed at people of all ages.

Encephalon Blog Carnival: a selection of the best neuroscience and psychology blog posts, every other week.

Have a good day!

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