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Pump up those little grey cells

Great article in the UK’s Sunday Times yesterday: Pump up those little grey cells, listing a Neuronsvariety of free or inexpensive brain health-related resources.

We are honored (even honoured, I’d dare say) that they started the list with our complimentary Brain Fitness 101 e-Guide:

– “The science behind some of the more outlandish claims for computer games that are supposed to improve your cognitive powers, is a matter of debate. However, you don’t need to pay £20 to give a game a try. The internet features a host of websites that can stretch your imagination and improve your mental prowess in a range of skills. Some are expensive rip-offs, but many are free, as our guide to the best of them shows.”

– “Begin by downloading the Brain Fitness 101 e-guide by Sharp Brains, available free at The guide gives a good overview of how mental exercises keep the brain on top form.”

Some other great resources they outline include the superb article “Is it worth going to the mind gym?” in New Scientist, a memory test set up by Edinburgh University and the BBC. There are many more stimulating resources offered there (not necessarily brain/ cognitive training, but stimulating anyway), so go take a look.

Article: Pump up those little grey cells.

Picture above: Image of pyramidal neurons in mouse cerebral cortex expressing green fluorescent protein. The red staining indicates GABAergic interneurons. Source: PLoS Biology, via Wikipedia.

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