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Carnival of Education #159: Briefing the Next US President on 35 Issues

Dear Mr or Mrs Next US President,

Thank you for stop­ping dur­ing recess for a quick study sessiMeditation School Studentson. 35 edu­ca­tors have col­lab­o­rated to present this Car­ni­val of Edu­ca­tion as a use­ful les­son plan for you and your edu­ca­tion pol­icy team on what our real con­cerns and sug­ges­tions are.

In case this is your first visit to our Sharp­Brains blog, let me first of all point out some use­ful resources to stay sane dur­ing the rest of the cam­paign: selected Brain Teasers, a list of 21 great Brain Books, over a dozen inter­views with lead­ing sci­en­tists on learn­ing and brain-based top­ics, and more.

With­out fur­ther ado, let’s pro­ceed to the issues raised. We hope they pro­vide, at the very least, good men­tal stim­u­la­tion for you and your advisors.

Edu­ca­tion as a System

4. Swim­ming is good, but I’d rather surf (Nancy at Teacher in a Strange Land).

5. Insur­gents fight­ing the Dark Side (the Sta­tus Quo) (Norm at Edu­ca­tion Notes Online).

Learn­ing and Teach­ing Philosophy

6. The First Step (for Aca­d­e­mic Suc­cess) Is Fail­ure (Joanne at SharpBrains).

7. 1777? (Joanne Jacobs).

8. Maybe we should revisit what is the pur­pose of edu­ca­tion? (Mike at Dan­ger­ously Irrelevant).

9. Who needs a col­lege degree? (Jacob at Early Retire­ment Extreme).

10. Are Schools (Cog­ni­tively) Nutri­tive for Children’s Com­plex Think­ing? (Tom and Chris­tine at SharpBrains).

11. May our teach­ing be too suc­cess­ful for our own good? (Lau­reen at The Life with­out School).

From edu­ca­tor to educator

12. Should there be a limit to shar­ing best prac­tices? (Ms Cor­nelius at A Shrewd­ness of Apes).

13. Do you man­age stress well? (Gre­gory at SharpBrains).

14. Where in the world are my union lead­ers? (Wood­lass at Under Assault: Teach­ing in NYC).

15. Is home­work work­ing? (Sum­mer at Mom Is Teaching).

16. What is the edu­ca­tion value of Yale’s Sex Week? (Dana at Prin­ci­pled Discovery).

17. What makes a good edu­ca­tor? (Carol at Bellringers).

18. How do we sur­vive tough schools? (Andrew at Scenes From The Battleground).


19. Give me more of it, please! (Pat at Suc­cess­ful Teaching).

20. Enough. Have you heard of Gizmo High? (Matt at Going to the Mat).

21. Using tech­nol­ogy in the Class­room 101 (Matthew at In Practice).

22. How can we inte­grate video in the class­room? (Matthew at Cre­at­ing Life­long Learners).

23. Any­thing beyond Junior Achieve­ment? (Adam at Ipex).

24. Cre­at­ing a Photography-rich book (Bogu­sia at Nucleus Learning)

25. How to cre­ate online con­tent ( Larry Ferlazzo).

Kids and kids

26. Help: how do I deal with kids who mis­be­have? (Mike at Edu­ca­tion in Texas).

27. Help: what do we do with the pro­foundly gifted? (The “More” Child).

28. Why do we accept unhelp­ful label­ing of kids? (Mar­cella at abyss2hope).

29. What is the role of nutri­tion? (Jack­son at Alter­na­tive Channel).

30. Can we edu­cate about Dar­fur? (Bill at The Tem­pered Rad­i­cal).

Enrich­ment Oppor­tu­ni­ties

31. Do you play any musi­cal instru­ment? (Megan, a high schooler, at SharpBrains).Piano musical training

32. How many plays did Shake­speare write? (Gedaly a the Bard Blog).

33. Brain Teaser: Words in your brain! (Pas­cale at SharpBrains).

34. Please Don’t Out­source Your Brain to your Vicepres­i­dent, ok? (Alvaro at SharpBrains).

35. After all these years…can’t we all just be happy? ( JM at “Lead From The Start”).

Dear Mr or Mrs Next US Pres­i­dent, we hope you have enjoyed this brief­ing. If you want to con­tribute to future Car­ni­vals of Edu­ca­tion, you can use this sim­ple sub­mis­sion form.

Enjoy the year,

35 edu­ca­tion bloggers

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