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The Priscilla Palmer’s Personal Development List has snowballed into a great directory of blogs dealing, directly or indirectly, with personal development and growth issues. If you want to check a neuroscience-based understanding of what “personal development” means, you can check how 11 Neuroscientists Debunk a Common Myth about Brain Training.

Below you have the most recent list:

Aaron Potts at Today is That Day | Adam Alexander at Adam’s Peace | Adam Kayce at Monk at Work | Adam Khoo at Adam Khoo’s Philosophies and Investing Insights | AgentSully at Life Learning Today | April Groves at Making Life Work For You | Argancel at C’eclair (for those who speak french) | Ash aka Mr. Biggs at One Powerful Word | Al at | Alan Torres at Made to Be Great | Alex Shalman at | Alexander Kjerulf at The Chief Happiness Officer | Alexys Fairfield at Unraveling The Spiritual Mystique | Albert Foong at | Alvaro at Sharp Brains Blog | Amber at Random Mangus | Amie Ragan at Psychology of Clutter | Amy Hedin at There is no Maximum to Human Potential | Andrea Learned at Learned on Women | Andrea J. Lee at Money, Meaning, and Beyond | Andy Wibbels at | Anita Pathik Law at Power of four Way | Anmol Mehta at | Anna Farmery at The Engaging Brand | Antonio Thornton at | Ariane Benefit at Neat & Simple Living | Ask Lucid at Ask Lucid Spiritual Development | Barb Melloh at The Law of Attraction Info | Barbara Sliter at Creatorship | Belle Wong at Abundance Journal | Bill Perry at Lucid Blog | Billy Smith at The Organic Leadership Blog | Blogfuse at LifeDev | Brad Isaac at Achieve It | Brian Clark at Copyblogger | Brian Kim at | Brian Lee at | Bob at everyeveryminute | Cam Beck at ChaosScenario | Cara Lumen at The Success Magnets With Cara Luman and Your Second Wind Blog | Carlon Haas at Possess Less Exist More | Chris Cree at SuccessCREEations | Chris Marshall at Martial Development | Chris Owen at Pink Apple | Christine Kane at | Clyde at Feeling Good | Colin Beavan at No Impact Man | Conceive, Believe, Achieve at Conceive, Believe, Achieve | Crabby McSlacker at Cranky Fitness | Craig Harper at Motivational Speaker | Curt Rosengren at Occupational Adventure | Cyres at Cyres Matters | Damian Carr at Soul Terminal | Daniel Sitter at Idea Sellers | Darren Rowse at | Dave Schawbel at The Personal Branding Blog | Dave Schoof at Engaging the Disquiet | Davers at Language Trainers Blog | David Allen at The David Allen Company | David Bohl at Reflections on Balance | David Fitch at David | David Richeson at 360 Degree Success | David Rogers at How to Have Great Self Confidence | David Seah at David | David Zinger at Slacker Manager | Dawud Miracle at | Dean Lacono at Law of Attraction for Beginners | Debbie Call at Spirit In Gear | Debbie LaChusa at 10 Step Marketing Collection | Debra Moorhead at Debra | Denise Mosawi at | Des Walsh at Thinking Home Business | Devlyn Steele at Tools To Life Guide | Dick Richards at Come Gather Round | Dominic Tay at Personal Development for Winners | Don Simkovich at Hey Don | Donald Latumahina at Life Optimizer | Donna Karlin at Perspectives | Donna Steinhorn at Rethinking | Douglas Eby at Talent Development Resources | Dr. Charles Parker at The Core Psych Blog | Dr. Hal at Northstar Mental fitness blog | Drew Rozell at Drew | Dwayne Melancon at Genuine Curiosity | Edward Mills at Evolving Times | Ellen Weber at Brain Based Business | Emily G. W. Lilly at The Science of Waldorf Education | Emmanuel Lopez at The Adventures of Motivatorman | Ellesse at Goal Setting College | Elly Jolly at Jolly Life Coaching | Enoch Tan at Mind Reality | Eric Napier at Quotation Collection | Erin Pavlina at Erin | Frank Kanu at Frank Uncovers Excellence in Leadership | Frank Roche at KnowHR Blog | Galba Bright at Tune Up Your EQ | Gilad Buchman at Sigsug | Gleb Reys at Personal Development Ideas | Grayson at Modern Worker Blog | Greg Butler at | Greg Frost at | Gretchen Rubin at Happiness Project | Gustav at | Guy Kawasaki at How to Change the World | Gyanish at Diethack | Halina Goldstein at The Inner Travel Journal | Hilda Carroll at Living Out Loud | Heather Goldsmith at A Creative Journal | Henrik Edberg at The Positivity Blog | Honman at Open Your Mind to Prosperity | Inkedmn at The Cranking Widgets Blog | Isabella Mori at MoriTherapy | Itzy Sabo at Email Overloaded | Jacklyn Ker at Inspiring and Empowing Lives | Jarle Husefest at The Personal Development Blog | Jason and Michael at Black Belt Productivity | Jason Ivers at A Miracle a Day | Jason Womack at Fit and Effective | Jay White at dumb little man tips for life | Jean Browman at Transforming Stress Into Power and Cheerful Monk | Jeannette Maw at Good Vibe Coaching | Jeanie Marshall at Empowerment and Meditation Blog and DailyAffirm: Positive Affirmations Day by Day | Jeff Lilly at Druid Journal | Jeffrey Phillips at Think Faster | Jennifer at Goodness Graciousness | Jennifer Mannion at Heal Pain Naturally | Jenny and Erin at Jenny and Erin | Jeremiah Owyang at Web Strategy by Jeremiah | Jerry Hart at Blue Print to emarketing | Jerry Lopper at Personal Growth | Jessa at | Jim stroup at Managing Leadership | Jim Walton at Black In Business | JoLynn Braley at The Fit Shack | Joan Schramm at Accelerating Momentum | Joanna Young at Coaching Wizardry | Joanne at I’m Happy Fish | Joe Vitale at Dr. Joe Vitale at Zero | John Pratt at John Pratt International | John Place at John Place Online | John W. McKenna at The Leadership Epidemic | John Wesley at Pick The Brain | Jon at Join The Secret | Jonathan at Smart Wealthy Rich and Freelance Folder | Jory Des Jardin at Pause: Meaningful Work | Josh Bickford at Reach For Magnificence and Reach for Magnificence | Josh Kaufman at The Personal MBA | Judy Martin at The Work/Life Monitor | Julia Rogers Hamrick at Julia’s Blog: Journal of the Journey Home to Eden | Julie Bonner at Declutter It | Kailani at An Island Review | Kammie Kobyleski at Passion Meets Purpose | Karen at Journey with Water Learner | Karen Lynch at Live The Power | Karen Wallace at The Clearing Space | Karl Moore at Karl | Karl Staib at Karl | Kathy Mallary at Coaching Biz Tips | Keith Ferrazzi at Never Eat Alone | Kenton Whitman at | Kevin Kinchen at Creative Power of Thought | Killeris at Attitude, The Ultimate Power | Kim and Jason at Escape Adulthood | Kim George at Doing What You Can Do | Kirk Nugent at Kirk | Kirsten Harrell at Ipopin | Krishna De at Biz Growth News and Todays Women in Business | K.L. Masina at Be Conscious Now | Leah Maclean at Working Solo | Laura Young at The Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life | Lee Nutter at bmindful | Leo Babauta at Zen Habits | Life Reflection at Universe in a Single Atom | Linda Salazar at Awaken The Genie Within | Lisa Braithwaite at Speak Schmeak | Lisa Gates at Design Your Writing Life | Lisa Van Allen at Finish Strong | Liz Strauss at Successful Blog | Lodewijkvdb at How to be an Original | Lola Fayemi at Real World Spiritual and Personal Development | Lorraine Cohen at Powerfull Living | Luciano Passuello at | Lucid at Spiritual Suggestions | Lumosity at Brain Health Blog | Lyman Reed at Creating a Better Life | Lyndon Antcliff at and | MT at MindTWEAKS | Maddy at Illuminated Minds Want to Know | Malathy Badri at Laws of Universe | Manny at Success Books | Maria Garcia at Get Organized Now | Maria Palma at The Good Life | Marianne Williamson at Journal | Mark at The Naked Soul | Mark Forster at Get Everything Done | Mark LaPierre at The Winding Path | Mark McManus at Build Your Life To Order | Mark W Shead at Productivity 501 | Martin Avis at Kickstart Daily | Mary K at Becoming Your StellarSelf | Matthew Cornell at Matt’s Idea Blog | Meg Haworth at Life Lessons From Your Soul | Melanie Benson Strick at The Success Blog | Merlin Mann at 43 Folders | Michelle at aMusing My Genius | Michelle Moore at Happiness Blog | Michael Port at The Think Big Revolution | Michael Vanderdonk at TOACH Performance | Mike Janssen at Opgestroopte Mouwen | Mike St. Pierre at The Daily Saint | Mr.Wang at Mr Wang Says So | My Everyday Planner at My Everyday Planner | Nancy Tierney at Unconditional Confidence | Neil Patel at Quick Sprout | Nic Askew at Monday 9AM Blog | Nick Smith at Life 2.0 | Nneka at Balanced Life Center | Organize-It at Organize-It | Pamala Slim at Escape From Cubicle Nation | Pamm Larry at My Spiritual Dance | Patricia Singleton at Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker | Patti Digh at 37 Days | Paul at Paul’s Tips | Paul Piotrowski at Self Help Wisdom | Paula Kawal at Paula | Peggy Payne at Peggy Payne’s Boldness Blog | Peter at I Will Change Your Life | Peter Aldin at Great Circle | Peter Haslem at Necessary Skills | Phil Gerbyshak at Make It Great | Philippe Matthews at Shockwealth | Priscilla Palmer at Personal Development Demands Success | Quint Jensen at Win Your Mind | Raymond Salas at Zenchill Powertools | Real Modern Man at Real Modern Man | Reg Adkins at ElementalTruths | Ricardo at Wake Up Tiger | Rich Schefren at Strategic Profits | Rick Cockrum at Shards of Consciousness | Rick Cooper at The PDA Pro | Ririan at Ririanproject | Rob at 7Breaths | Rob Cooke at Leave the Office | Robert at Compassionate Council | Robert at Myselfdev | Robert Ashcroft at PDSS Online | Robin Skeen at Robin’s Reflections | Robin Yapp at Yapp 3.0 | Robyn McMaster at Brain Based Biz | Roger Von Oech at Creative Think | Rolf F. Katzenberger at Evomend | Rosa Say at Managing With Aloha Coaching | Ryan Marle at The Alpha Project | S.J. Yee at Personal Development for the Book Smart | Sam at Aquire Wisdom and Live with Passion | Scott Adams at The Dilbert Blog | Scott Berkun at Berkun Blog | Scott Bernadot at Keeping The Secret | Scott Ginsberg at Hello, My Name Is Blog | Scott H Young at Scott H Young | Scott McArthur at McArthur’s Rant | Self Pursuit at Self Pursuit | Senia at Positive Psychology Coaching | Seth Godin at Seth’s Blog | Shane Navratil at Zoomstart | Shauna Arthurs at Breathing Prosperity and Follow Your Path | Shaheen Lakhan at GNIF Brain Blogger | Simone at Dynamic Living | Simone and Mandy at Outfit Inspirations | Slade Roberson at Shift Your Spirits and Spiritual Blogging | Sleeping Dude at How to Wake Up Early | Sonora Jayne Case at Positive Realities Coaching | Spike at Organize It | Start Up Coach at Take Charge of Your Life | Stephanie and Jeffrey at Brains on Purpose | Steve Beisheim at Jumping Ship Happens | Steve King at The Green Geek | Steve Olson at | Steve Pavlina at | Steve Roesler at All Things Workplace | Stephen at HD bizblog | Stephen Hopson at Adversity University | Steven Aitchison at Change Your Thoughts | Success Current at | Surjit at Gurushabad | Susan Sabo at Productivity Cafe | Suzanne Bird-Harris at Learning Curve Coaching | Takuin Minamoto at | Ted Demopoulos at Blogging For Business | Terry Starbucker at Ramblings From a Glass Half Full | Thom Quinn at Qlog | Tiffany at Little Red Suit | Tim Ferris at 4-Hour Workweek and Lifestyle Design Blog | Tim Taylor at My Agapic Life | Tom Peters at Tom | Tom Spanton at TRCoach | Tom Van Brunscot of Transformation Economy | Tony Chimento at Living Forward | Tony D Clark at Success From The Nest | Torlink at You Create Reality | Travis A. Sinquefield at Disorganizational Behavior | Travis Wright at Cultivate Greatness | Trizoko at | Trevor Gay at Simplicity is the Key | Troy Worman at Orbit Now! | Tuck Self at Rebel Belle Blog | Tupelo Kenyon at | Ubertech at Geeks Guide To GTD | Vera Nadine at Vera | Vickie at Contemplate This | Wade Millican at The Middle Way | Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership | Wan Qi at Meditation Forum Mantras | Wild Bill at Passionate Blogger | and these collaborated sites: | Burst Blog | Change This | Change Your Thinking | Daily PlanIt | Did I Get Things Done | GTD Wannabe | Jobman2 | Joyful Jubilant Learning | Life Coaches Blog Stratagies for a Greater Life | | | Transformational Girlfriends | Unclutterer

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