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emWave PC Stress Relief System Updated

emWave PC Stress Relief SystemA new ver­sion of emWave® PC Stress Relief Sys­tem (for­merly Freeze-Framer) has been released with a new name, new games, new fea­tures, new inter­ac­tive coach, and all new content.

New fea­tures and enhance­ments include:

  • Cat­e­go­rized con­tent sec­tions with over 100 pages of ref­er­ence infor­ma­tion includ­ing Health and Well-Being, Health Pro­fes­sion­als, Sports Per­for­mance, Work­place Per­for­mance, and Test­ing and Learning.
  • The Coher­ence Coach™ teaches stress reduc­tion and trains you to find “The Zone”.
  • Emo­tion Visu­al­izer™ dis­plays col­or­ful images which change as you change your emo­tional state.
  • Inter­ac­tive games help you trans­form stress into cre­ative energy.
  • emWave game

  • An inte­grated music player and improved audio feed­back functionality.
  • Inte­grated web access to online forums, trou­bleshooter and knowledgebase.
  • Advanced data log­ging for pulse, inter-beat-intervals, power spec­trum and more.
  • New and improved tuto­r­ial and help system.
  • and much more…

HRVemWave PC col­lects infor­ma­tion from your heart through a USB fin­ger or ear-clip sen­sor that plugs into your com­puter and then trans­lates that heart rhythm infor­ma­tion into user-friendly graph­ics on your com­puter screen to help train you to relax and find “The Zone”. As you reduce your stress, you see your heart rhythms change in real time as you move into a more bal­anced, pro­duc­tive men­tal state.

emWave PC allows you to track your progress and has three inter­ac­tive games pow­ered by your abil­ity to trans­form stress into renewed energy. A new fea­ture of emWave PC is its Emo­tion Visu­al­izer, a prac­tice appli­ca­tion that pro­vides images which adjust the degrees of color and move­ment as you adjust your emo­tional state.Coherence Ratio Screen

If you pur­chased Freeze-Framer from us and are inter­ested in a Soft­ware Upgrade Kit, please con­tact us.

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