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Brain Training: MindFit workout

Just released in Sci­en­tific Amer­i­can:
Mem­ory work­outs beat other com­puter games in study

Some quotes

  • Train­ing the brain with a com­puter work­out pro­gram may be bet­ter than clas­sic com­puter games at staving off age-related men­tal decline, sci­en­tists reported on Friday.”
  • Researchers in Israel com­pared how one brain-training pro­gram, Mind­Fit, fared ver­sus a work­out with a sam­pling of clas­sic com­puter games, such as the puz­zle game Tetris.”
  • The study, funded by a grant from game maker Cog­niFit Ltd., involved 121 vol­un­teers over 50 who used the Mind­Fit train­ing pro­gram or a sam­pling of com­puter games for three months.”
  • Both groups ben­e­fited, but the group using the Mind­Fit pro­gram showed a sta­tis­ti­cally sig­nif­i­cant improve­ment in spa­tial short-term mem­ory, spa­tial learn­ing and focused attention.”
  • Improve­ment was espe­cially pro­nounced in users who started out with some form of cog­ni­tive decline.
  • The find­ings, which were pre­sented on Fri­day at an Alzheimer’s con­fer­ence in Salzburg, Aus­tria, were sim­i­lar to a smaller study done at the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia last year.”

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