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Exercise Brain: Frontal and Parietal lobes

Let’s now exer­cise our Frontal Lobes (that deal with work­ing mem­ory and atten­tion, among other things) and Pari­etal Lobes (visual inter­pre­ta­tion).

Quick! Count the num­ber of times the num­ber “6” appears below (you may need to scroll down).

Then, count the total of both “3“s and “7“s, try­ing to add the total num­ber of both as you see either (this is, don’t just count all the “3“s, and then the “7“s)

1234467889974674657865876576576 3576573625432657346578436578342 2732188582735827456724687343828 7672878682768723682376783768267 2647648823178346432764876774653 7436574386581483627868653873465


The most impor­tant thing here is not to get the right answer, but to try. This type of exer­cise has been used by the mil­i­tary to improve atten­tion for decades (now there are more advanced, computer-based, tools, but this keeps being fun).

PS: Enjoy these 50 brain teasers to test your cog­ni­tive abil­ity. Free, and fun for adults of any age!

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72 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    I got the cor­rect answers on my 2nd try.

    But I did it by count­ing down each col­umn, instead of across rows.

  2. radhika says:

    33 and 59.…
    it was great.

  3. Desire'e says:

    Wow, I was shocked to scroll down and see that I got it right, 33 and 59. Cool.

  4. MCameronM says:

    59–3 & 7 32 6’s now I got to go back and count the 6’s again

  5. Lmnop says:

    I thought we were sup­posed to add all 3–I got 92.

  6. Neethster says:

    I got 33 and 59.

  7. John says:

    If you nor­mally read left to right, try count­ing find­ing the num­bers scan­ning right to left… it will increase the accu­racy. And, scan­ning from bot­tom to top (if you nor­mally read top to bot­tom) will help you not skip lines.

  8. Birgi says:

    first I got 34 6es then I was count again and I got
    33 of 6es.
    I was got only
    27 of 3s and 7s at the same time.

  9. red says:


  10. Kayla says:

    I got exactly 33 and 59 sooo excited woohoo!!

  11. anne says:

    19 & 55

  12. anne says:

    19 & 55
    2nd try:
    33 & 55

  13. ana says:

    33 6s woo hoo!

    I read the instruc­tions that we had to count the 3s and 7s indi­vid­u­ally but at the same time so to keep track I counted the 3s using num­bers and the 7s using the alpha­bet… and came out with 23 3s and 36 7s = 59 total I’m shocked !!!

  14. DAVIS says:

    I got 33/ 3s.AND I ADDED AS I WENT THRU THE 3S AND 7S CAME UP W/ 332

  15. Susie says:

    Well, if I had been a sol­dier I would have missed one of the ene­mies named “3” and would have mis­taken one of my own peo­ple as a “3” or a “7.” Not good in battle!

    I got 32 6’s. And I got 60 7&3’s. I tried it two dif­fer­ent ways. First I tried visu­ally match­ing 7’s and 3’s together to make 10’s so it would be eas­ier to add. I found myself mark­ing 7’s with my fin­ger on the screen, though, since they were not evenly matched. Then I tried a dif­fer­ent strat­egy which could tech­ni­cally be cheat­ing, I sup­pose. As I came to a 3, I would name them in order such as 3–1, 3–2, 3–3, while also nam­ing the 7’s aloud as I came to them, 7–1, 7–2, …by the end I was at 3–24 and 7–36. I then men­tally added 24 + 36 = 60.
    So, I did them as I went, but sep­a­rately, as well.

  16. Are D says:

    Nice exer­cise! But I’m a bit puz­zled at some­thing: In the text at the top of this page you say this task exer­cises the Frontal and Pari­etal lobe, and that the Pari­etal lobe deals with visual inter­pre­ta­tion. I thought the Occip­i­tal lobe was the pri­mary visual inter­pre­ta­tion cen­tre, and that the Pari­etal lobe mainly deals with sen­sory infor­ma­tion. How come this isn’t an exer­cise mainly for the Frontal and the Occip­i­tal lobe?

  17. hides says:

    yeah, 33=6’s and 59=3’s + 7’s

  18. Willow says:

    I have a closed head injury and find the exer­cises a bit of a men­tal work­out. Since I found your site I try and do a few exer­cises every day.

  19. lizzy says:

    6 = 29
    3 & 7 = 59

  20. Neeti says:

    33 and 59 !

  21. Abhishek says:

    33 and 59

  22. Saeed says:

    I got 32 and 58 not bad one way!

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